Want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to reassure everyone that there will be a series again for the 2009 season. To date I already have 22 races booked and I am working on several more. With times being tough it has been difficult to get tracks to schedule races of any sort but for whatever reason the A.L.M.S. races just seem to fall into place, Maybe that’s because yor are such a great bunch of people.

I don’t see many if any changes for the 2009 season reguarding rules or pay offs, The point funds will remain the same and you will still get UMP points for all races. Memberships and schedules will be mailed out within the next 4 to 6 weeks.

Congratulations to Rusty Schlenk and Ryan Vanderveen for being the 2008 champion and Rookie of the year . The Eldora  folks are still working on a date for the banquet and as soon as that becomes availble, I will forward the info to you. 

In closing, I hope everyone has a happy and safe hoilday and look forward to seeing all of you in the 2009 season.

       Best regards
       Sam Driggers
       A.L.M.S series director/UMP Dirtcar director

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