From Sam Driggers     4/23/07

To all A.L.M.S. Drivers,

 After a very successful weekend at Kankakee Motor Speedway, Kamp Motor Speedway and Vermilion Co. Speedway I just wanted to take a minute and thank some people.
 When I scheduled these races I was not sure how well I would be supported, having to ask you drivers to travel so far and to stay so long, But I have to admit I was very pleased with the turnout from you drivers that came. 

I would like to thank Rusty Schlenk,  Brian Ruhlman, Aaron Scott, Hillard Miller, Casey Noonan, Ronnie Perrine, Ky Harper, Dusty Moore, Mike McNight, Shawn Negangard, Duane Chamberlain, Alan Vochaska, Jerry Bowersock and Tyler Boggs for making the trip . These drivers represented the Series and made my proud to be involved with each and everyone of them.
 Keeping in mind most of you guys had never even seen these 3 tracks , You all approached with a positive additude and raced as hard as ever.
 We had 38 cars at Kanakakee, 49 cars at Kamp and 42 cars at Vermilion Co. and you guys all held your ground with the Il./In. drivers.
 I hope everyone had a good time and look forward to doing this again next year.

      Thanks to all of you.
      Sam Driggers/ALMS Director
      UMP Director

P.S. The promoters were real impressed with you folks as well.

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